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15 years with a willing heart

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15 years with a willing heart

(CNSAM Uruguay) On August 7, 2016, the Tres Cruces Church of the Nazarene (Three Crosses), in the area of Montevideo, celebrated the 15th anniversary of the planting of this work in the country of Uruguay.

The celebration counted on the presence of many pastors from the district who had the intention to get to know and to continue to support the ministry of the pastors Adán and Inés Villalba, those who boosted not only boosted the church in years in quantity and quality of growth, but also were able to achieve progressive development in many different ministries.

The Três Cruzes Church actually has small prayer groups, more than 10 different ministries, and a growing youth group with the desire and strength to preach Christ in the city of Montevideo. What’s more, the Villalbas — together with the leaders — have carried out a discipleship ministry that is showing daily growth, continuing to prepare others for the Great Commission.

In truth, Três Cruzes is preparing itself to plant two or three new churches, which is indicated in that they have been able to advance the idea of a more aggressive and persevering evangelism, warning about the moments in which we live.

It was an exciting time of joy and vivid celebration, not only in that it recognized the work of the servants, but also taking advantage of the opportunity to show work undertaken by many brothers and sisters who, in an arduous and contant way, took on the responsibility of serving God in spirit and in truth.

The mention of the Church of the Nazarene as one of the principal pillars of support for the growth of Três Cruzes, the greetings from pastors and leaders from other parts of the world– including Rev. Louie Bustle and Regional Director, Christian Sarmiento — and the presence of special guests were only some of the moments that stick out in this reunion where thankfulness for eternal divine faithfulness was predominant.

There, every August 7th for 15 years there is a reason for celebration and thankfulness to the sustainer of His work and, not only for what He has done, but also for the infinite blessings that He brings to His children.

Source: Pr. Juan Zani
Redactor: Ani Barbieri
Translation: Amber Draker de Sousa

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