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2nd Nazarene Missionary Conference

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2nd Nazarene Missionary Conference

(Brazil CNSAM). The 2nd Nazarene Missionary Conference was celebrated from November 13 to 15, 2015 at Central Church of the Nazarene of Sumaré, São Paulo, Brazil, with the purpose of recognizing the work of the Brazilian Nazarene missionaries and those involved with Brazilian missionary work.

In São Paulo, the district NMI represented by its president, Rev. John Rogan Milesi aims to raise awareness of the Nazarene missionary work, motivate and challenge the local NMI. The conference was a unique opportunity to bring together the people interested in national and international missions

They were days of intense manifestation of the Lord. The Holy Spirit touched the participants in such a way that the people knelt to pray for missions.

On Friday, Rev. Alfredo Mulieri said in his sermon, “We have to do our mission and take the place of someone like Jesus did with the lepers. The Lord tells us how we should do it.” On Saturday, Rev. John A. Milesi said in his sermon, “The world needs to glorify Jesus Christ the King and the mission of the Church is to proclaim His glory among the nations.” On Saturday morning, Rev. Alessandro Polonio, regional NMI coordinator, brought information about how Brazil could get involved. At night, Rev. Polonio motivated those present to get involved with Chile and many young people were touched. We expect a new movement for missions in Brazil.

On Sunday morning, Rev. Stephen M. Heap told his missionary history that blends with the missionary history of the Church of the Nazarene in Brazil and later had a missionary exhibition, question and answer time about the missionaries and their missions; those present were very interested in the missionaries’ responses. In the evening, Rev. Manuel G. Lima arrived and told his stories about the Amazon region and motivated those present to get involved with national and international missions.

The result of the conference for the attendants was incredible, they left motivated and filled with the presence of The Lord. Rev. Lima said, “I left impacted by this conference.”

Source: John Rogan Milesi.
Translation: Stefanie Ratzlaff.

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