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50 Years of Ministry

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(Argentina CNSAM). On March 6, 2012, during an ordination service, the life of Alberto Ainscough, medical doctor and also elder, was celebrated for completing 50 years of pastoral ministry.

Dr. Alberto Ainscough began his ministry in 1962 as the pastor of the Conde Church of the Nazarene in Buenos Aires. Between the years of 1969 and 1973, he pastored the Villa Ballester Church where God blessed him with growth in the congregation and a wider vision. Later, he and his wife went to India as the first national missionaries for the church.

His ministry in India between 1973 and 1977 was so outstanding, that even today, the fruits of his labor are evident.

Returning to Argentina, he pastored from 1978 to 1984 at the Calle Terrero 960 Church of the Nazarene in Buenos Aires. After a prosperous ministry there, he was called back to the Villa Ballester Church of the Nazarene.

From 1978 until 2008, he developed his ministry with the characteristics that distinguished him as “Pastor Alberto Ainscough.” He not only made a difference in the Villa Ballester Church, but also throughout the whole area of San Martín.

He is presently ministering at the Church located in the area of Villa Luro in Buenos Aires. This congregation was founded in 1990 through the efforts and vision that he had, and the Villa Ballester Church completely supported these efforts.

We honor Alberto Ainscough and his lovely wife, Rosita de Ainscough who is also a medical doctor, for these 50 years of ministry. Many of us who are in ministry look at their lives as great examples. We trust that with these few words about his ministry, that we fulfill what the Word says: Let him who honors, honor (Romans 13:7).

Source: Jorge Durán, District Superintendent, Central Argentino.

Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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