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90th Anniversary of “San Pablo” Church

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90th Anniversary of “San Pablo” Church

(Argentina CNSAM). On November 30, 2013, the “San Pablo” Church of the Nazarene, located in the capital city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, celebrated its 90th anniversary.

With the theme “90 years communicating the love of Christ, teaching the Word of God and living holiness” the “San Pablo” Church of the Nazarene held a thanksgiving service for the faithfulness of God throughout these years.

The historic annals of the church record that the founder was Guy McHenry who began services in the home of the Comandú family in 1923 beginning the third group of Nazarenes in Argentina at that time. In 1924 100 people were enrolled in the Sunday School and in 1925 it was organized as a church. Dominga and Geraldo Marino were named as pastors.

During these ninety years the church has been administered and ministered by many pastors such as: Mac Henry, Juan Comandú, María Dunoyer, Dominga and Geraldo Marino, Spurgeon Hendrix, Elsa and Juan Zanni, Lester Johnston, Lucía de Costa, Victoria and Vicente Bustos, Angélica and Francisco Laiácona, Rosa and Alberto Ainscough, Paul Say, Margarita and Juan Chumba, Adela and Oscar Mingorance, Perla and Mario Zani, Victoria and R. Juarez, Edith and Rubén Cobo, Ruth and David Mastronardi, Flavia and Christian Ventura and the present pastors, Verónica and Roberto Sosa.

With a grateful heart those attending enjoyed the history of the congregation, the devotion to God through congregational singing and the special hymns the UNTD Gospel Choir dedicated to them. In conclusion, Rev. Juan Chumba shared a message from the Word of God.

The present pastor of the church commented, “Thank you, Lord, for the legacy that we have received from those who came before us, and just as you were with them, you are with us. We are strong to continue the work that you have given to us!”

Source: Roberto Sosa.
Editing: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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