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A Loving Life

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A Loving Life

(Argentina CNSAM). At 6:00AM on September 4, 2014 in the city of Esquel, Chubut, Pastor Luis Román passed away at the age of 65 years. The cause of his death was cardiac arrest due to ventricular fibrillation by a brain tumor.

Pastor Román was born in San Rafael Mendoza on May 30, 1949. He received Christ as his Savior when he was 45 years old and entered the ministry nine years later when he was 54. He started the Church of the Nazarene “La Fe” with his wife Lauria Norma and his two sons, Federico and Matías, in the city of Esquel (about 1250 miles away from Buenos Aires). Together, they worked on building the church. Last March, the Church of the Nazarene “La Fe” celebrated its tenth anniversary.

With his humility and love for each person he knew, Pastor Luis was an important part of the lives of every member of the congregation. He was also very loved and respected in the community in the city of Esquel because of his continuous efforts in any area he could find to help. For this reason the city of Esquel ( paid the costs associated with his funeral and transporting him to the cemetery. When his wife came to pay, a person from the city told her, “Ma’am, you do not need to pay anything. The pastor did so much for the community, and now the community will do something for him.”

The Church of the Nazarene “La Fe” of Esquel, on the Patagonia Central district and the community of Esquel said goodbye to Pastor Luis Román with much love, remembering with each testimony Pastor Román’s unconditional love and constant selfless assistance for all those who needed it.

If you would like to send a message to the family, you may write to his wife, Norma Lauria:; his daughter-in-law, Soraya Farias Berrondo:; or his son, Federico Berrondo:

Source: Soraya Farías Berrondo.
Written by: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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