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A New Church in Brazil

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A New Church in Brazil

(Brasil CNSAM). With great celebration and thankfulness to God, the Campo Grand Church of the Nazarene on the Rio de Janeiro-Baixada District was organized on January 1, 2014 making this the first church to be organized in 2014. Rev. Amadeu Aparecido Teixeira, District Superintendent, led the service.

This church is a miracle of God and was born in the hearts of Rev. Antônio Carlos and his wife, Marinês, pastors of the Grão-Pará de Nova Iguaçu Church of the Nazarene of the same district. The project was supported by the vision of the superintendent.

Services began on January 20, 2012 and the Lord blessed in a supernatural way. During 2013, more children, youth, and families attended and the place they met became smaller and smaller. God confirmed their plans and opened new doors to rent larger places. The Campo Grande Church organized with 51 members.

The organizational celebration consisted of special presentations, tears, applause, powerful testimonies of God’s grace, preaching, and the organizational ceremony. At the end of the service, Marinês announced that the church was beginning a new church in the city and she introduced the couple who will minister at the new work.

A brief history of this new church was read during the service and ended with these words, “It is possible to dream when our dreams are in agreement with God’s plan and are accompanied by prayer, faith, determination, persistence, and hope believing in the Lord’s promises. He keeps His Word.”

Source: Jorge Julca
Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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