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A Servant Until the End

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A Servant Until the End

(Bolivia CNSAM). On April 13, 2015, at age 65, Rev. Daniel Mita Ayala was called into the presence of the Lord whom he served all his life. The intestinal cancer that he suffered the last four years took his physical life little by little.

He was a fighter up to the end. He always attended national and district events; one of those being his participation in the beginning of a new work in the city of Cobija, a national event in June of 2014. He helped to put on a roof on the church so the new brethren could meet. He was a servant who labored with love and passion in the work of God.

Pastor Daniel was born in Corocoro, Department of La Paz, on January 4, 1950. He accepted Jesus Christ at a young age since the Church of the Nazarene had come to his town before he was born. However, due to the immigration from the high plateau to tropical areas of the country, his family moved to Los Yungas when Daniel was an adolescent. There he had the opportunity to attend the “Los Amigos” (Friends) Church. Later when the Church of the Nazarene spread out to those areas he became a part of the leadership as a youth and was obedient to God’s call.

As a young man, he met María Chagua and they were married on April 15, 1972. They had a daughter, Flavia Noemí Mita Chagua.

Daniel began his theological studies in 1977 in the Bolivian Nazarene Seminary. Three years later he graduated with a diploma in Christian Ministry. Later he earned his Bachelor’s in Theology and then continued his academic studies sporadically.

On January 24, 1990, he was ordained by the General Superintendent in jurisdiction, Dr. Eugene L. Stowe.

Rev. Mita served for 31 years. For twenty-seven years he pastored local churches in various districts in the country: the districts of La Paz, Alto NorOeste y los Yungas. Some of the churches he pastored are: Cotacota, Villa Fátima, Munaypata, Calla Baja (Jesús de Machaca), 7 de septiembre, Senkata, 1 de mayo y Villa Mercedes. The last years he pastored the Church of the Nazarene in Centro Tocoroni. Right up to two Sundays before his passing he was still preaching.

He held district offices such as NMI President, Treasurer and for two years he was the Director of the radio program La Hora Nazarena.

He was the District Superintendent of the Yungas District for four years, a position he was obliged to give up due to the illness which he suffered from the last few years. During his district leadership he promoted three new works on the district and one off the district. He was a zealous preacher of the doctrine of holiness. His last charge to the pastors was: “Don’t stop preaching holiness or teaching stewardship to the church”.

And to conclude, it should be noted that Pastor Daniel also served in public administration as deputy mayor of Laja in the city of El Alto for three years.

Source: Macedonio Daza.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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