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A service that births 18 years

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A service that births 18 years

(Argentina CNSAM). This year it´s 18 years since in 1994 was organized the first medical journal on the city of Formosa, in the North of Argentina.

The dates from May 17 till May 24 of 2012 a team integrated by 26 engineers and students of engineering and nursing from the Nazarene College from Olivet in United States, next to 14 argentines from the districts of Cuyo and Central participated on a medical brigade to the aboriginal district´s heart. The base was in the locality of Laguna Naineck, where is the Health Center of the Church of the Nazarene, but they also served on the Aboriginal Colony La Primavera, Misión Tacaaglé and Church of the Nazarene Emanuel.

This mission is a clear example of how the alliances between local churches (Church of the Nazarene Villa Ballester in Buenos Aires), districts (central and cuyo) and also a college (Olivet – USA), can maximize the effort from the nazarene compassion local missionaries. At the origins it was a trip that CAUCE (youth in mission) organized, and consisted in the construction of buildings or public spaces that needed repair. Eighteen years later, and with a Health Center from the Church of the Nazarene established, this medical journal are in charge of giving medical attention and to derive some cases to the hospitals from Formosa and Clorinda, checking the filtration of the water of the zone with the equipment that the Nazarene College in Olivet manufactured, installed and maintains and has evangelistic activities.

Source: Presbyter Carlos Radi, National Coordinator of Ministries in Argentina.

Translation: Priscila Picavea

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