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A Smile for Cali

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A Smile for Cali

(Colombia CNSAM). On Friday September 28, 2012 in the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium in the city of Cali, capital of the State of Valle de Cauca, Columbia, around 30 thousand people assisted the party “A Smile for Cali”.

In the framework of the VI International Convention of the Master’s Plan, that the Casa de Oracion (House of Prayer) Church of the Nazarene in Cali, Columbia organizes every year, an evangelistic activity, “A Smile for Cali” was held.

On Friday afternoon dressed for a party both inside and outside the stadium, a very special time was experienced full of music that exalted the name of God under the leadership of pastor and singer Danilo Montero and the Nazarene band. Also included in the celebration were messages from the Word of God from the mouths of pastors Adalberto Herra, Jorge Andres Marin and Jose Ordoñez that brought hope to the attendees.

There was a moment filled with emotion when the host pastor, Nineye de Herra, prayed for peace when she and a child released white doves to symbolize peace while at the same time those in the grandstands released white balloons.

The highlight was when the Columbian pastor and recognized humorist, Jose Ordonez, made a call to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. Thousands of hands were raised and a prayer of faith was made giving their lives Christ. Once again God surprised the 650 people that were involved in the organization of the event as the number of people was so large. There were three thousand people registered but it was estimated that a similar number gave their life to Christ who were not registered.

Mr. Ubeimar Delgado, governor of the state of Valle, who participated in the celebration, in a conversation with the host pastor, Rev. Adalberto Herrera, asked: What did you do to fill the stadium without liquor and rumba music?

A great job was done by the Casa de Oracion Church of the Nazarene in Cali, Columbia and an even greater year lies ahead. We are delighted that all of the members have greatly helped many homes in Cali, Columbia today to experience laughter again.

Source: Andrés Felipe Téllez M., Advertizing Manager for A Smile for Cali.

Translation: Rev. Cindy Downey.

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