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A Special Day…

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A Special Day…

(Chile CNSAM). The Look of Love Corporation of the Valparaiso Church of the Nazarene, led by René Noé, is entering the second contest of IMAGINE CHILE. This is a government program which awards outstanding ideas in the social, cultural, and educational realm and favors the improvement of the quality of life in the community.

The contest consists of two steps. The first is the evaluation of the votes cast by the public who visits and votes for the published ideas. The votes are counted and classified into the 10 highest votes. The second step is the evaluation by an external panel of people involved in the economic, social, and cultural realm of the country. They study the 10 ideas and select three winners of the second Imagine Chile contest.

The corporation submitted the idea called A SPECIAL DAY. This consists in celebrating a day in which special families with children with different levels of disabilities can enjoy a time of leisure. These families need free time which they have not been able to provide for themselves.

If the Corporation is one of the winners of the contest, they will hold a SPECIAL DAY for 100 families with children of different disabilities. To win, they need lots of votes. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Enter
  2. Click on ENTER on the right side of the page.
  3. The program will ask you to register on Facebook or by email. You must register.
  4. Reopen the page of the idea called DIA ESPECIAL (Special Day), which is on the webpage of Lorena Moya, General Coordinator of the Corporation.
  5. Click twice where it says, vote for my idea.
  6. A message will appear to confirm your vote.

Voting closes on July 31, 2013. We need lots of votes so that this project is in the10 most voted ideas.

Source: Patricio Huanca, National Communications Coordinator, Chile.

Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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