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Ablaze with His Power

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Ablaze with His Power

(Bolivia CNSAM). The Santa Cruz, Bolivia District held their first Master Model church congress with the theme “Ablaze with His Power” from March 28-30, 2013 in the facilities of the Galilee Church of the Nazarene. Under the direction of District Superintendent Rev. Nolberto Fernández, it was a time of spiritual refreshment during which the powerful Word of God was preached. Through this preaching, many were confronted with their personal responsibility regarding the Great Commission.

As part of the congress, an evangelistic event was organized at one of the most popular open-air stages in one of the principal parks in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the Urban Park.  The testimony of Rev. Félix Vargas, Central Field Strategy Coordinator who attended the event, was projected. This short film, “From the Dark*,” caught the attention of about 100 special guests who had been invited by the different churches around the city and other people who were just passing by that area.

It was a special time since many did not realize that the main character in the testimony was attending the event, and he gave an invitation for anyone who wanted to experience the power of forgiveness and restoration through Christ in their lives. Forty-two people made a decision for Christ.

Source: Walter H Sierra Céspedes
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

*The film “From the Dark” is “De las Armas a las Almas” in Spanish.

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