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AENDA Receives Commendation

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AENDA Receives Commendation

(Brasil CNSAM). In a solemn ceremony on September 24, 2015, The Camara Municipal de Americana, conferred the medal “Herbert de Souza – Betinho” * to AENDA (Nazarene Evangelical Association of Americana) for its services rendered to the municipality.

AENDA was founded April 8, 1998, at Tamoio 657 in the state of Sao Paulo. A group from the Church of the Nazarene met with the goal of beginning much needed social projects. But these needed the support of an association. The work of AENDA has grown and today counts with a group of 40 volunteers that distribute diapers to about 60 people. It also boasts of a School of Music in which 110 students are enrolled. Meal rations are provided in the neighborhoods of Antonio Zanaga and Praia Azul where around 290 people a day receive an equivalent of 6,000 plates of food a month, which comes to about 7600 meals a year. This meal service is called “Restaurante Popular Prato Cheio”. It serves indigents, the homeless, the unemployed and workers with economic needs. The objective of this project is to provide a balanced meal at a low cost to those persons in need.

AENDA encourages the well being of all persons, regardless of origin, race, creed, gender, color, social status or age. It offers free services in conjunction with the public policies and it facilitates sport, cultural, artistic, recreational and educational activities. AENDA deals with the problems of poverty and hunger while addressing the areas of religious and educational social assistance.

* The medal of honor “Herbert de Souza” was instituted in 2008 at City Hall, through the legislative decree issued by Council and David Luiz Renato Ramos (PC do B). The goal is to honor individuals and institutions that have excelled in the social and popular mobilization.

Source: Taken from the Jornal do Zanaga.
Editor: Oscar Benitez.
Translation: Norma Brunson.

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