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All is Well!

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All is Well!

(Brazil CNSAM). On April 22, 2014, when Rev. Manuel Lima was in the ReVision 2014 regional meeting in Quito, Ecuador, he was taken to ER at the Metropolitan Hospital suffering from a major heart attack. Dr. Christian Fierro, a member of Dr. Vicuña’s staff, performed angioplasty. Rev. Lima had a 100% obstruction and was in CCU for three days and three more days in the hospital where he was well cared for. They later discovered two more arteries with 95% obstruction which needed to be treated.

On May 14, 2014, Rev. Lima had the second angioplasty with two stents. Dr. Roberto Abdalla performed this procedure at the Campinas Samaritan Hospital. Dr. Fernando Ratto, a cardiologist, will dismiss him when he recovers.

Rev. Manuel Lima said that the 20 days before the heart attack had been a time of much activity such as: the construction of a boat, caring for a JESUS Film team from the United States and five presentations of the film, two trips to the jungle in a motorized canoe, and a 200 km bus trip to Manaus. Also he preached in a men’s congress, made a car trip 700 km from Manaus to preach in the inauguration of a new church, a plane trip to Parintins 360 kms from Manaus, and even though he did not feel well, flew to Quito on Monday morning.

Rev. Lima feels that after what happened, he has survived 53 years. With much joy he said, “We can only go faster but together we will go far. To God be the glory!

Source: Manuel Lima.
Editing: Germán Picavea.

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