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Answering the call

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Answering the call

(Brazil CNSAM). After a successful career in the Naval Force of Brazil, Rev. Dimas Carlos Pimentel retired to devote full time to the ministry.

On October 31, 2014, Pastor Pimentel made the decision not to continue in the Brazilian Naval Force and devote himself to full-time ministry. He was always very committed to serving the Lord, and he realized that it was revealed to him by the ministry developed in the past in the Rio Baixada District, where he planted and pastored the Church of the Nazarene in the Valverde neighborhood and thence planted churches in Niteroi, Palhada and Cabuçu. During that same time, he started the community FM radio station Naza Gospel. He planted and pastored the Church of the Nazarene in the Posse neighborhood and, through that ministry, planted churches in São Gonçalo, Realengo and Monte Castelo.

The Rev. Dimas Carlos Pimentel is married to Rosana Raiser and is the father of four children; he served for over 30 years in the Naval Force of Brazil in national and international ships. He specialized in the area of metallurgy and became a professional technical instructor in welding, marine carpentry, technical design and boiler, as well as being an instructor in military discipline and technical training courses for over 15 years. He also wrote a book in two volumes for people who want to master the art of navigation. The title of his book is: “Life at Sea”: Volume 1, instructions for amateur and master and, in Volume 2, instructions for watercraft pilots . Although he retired, he will continue to teach the dominant topics taught in different schools that request them.

But his ability and knowledge does not end there. The Rev. Pimentel is also Clinical Psychoanalyst, has a post-graduate degree in philosophy and a doctorate in theology. Now a full-time pastor, he also serves as president of youth ministry in the Santa Catarina district with his wife who also works as a secretary in the district.

His goal is to stay in constant improvement, exercising diligently and being respected for everything he does. A true role model.

Source: Alfredo Mulieri / Dimas Carlos Pimentel

Editor: Susana Cabral. 

Translator: Janet Reinhart. 

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