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Antofagasta Church Plant Team Selected

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Antofagasta Church Plant Team Selected

 (Chile CNSAM). The Extreme Nazarene 40/40 church plant team for the city of Antofagasta, Chile, has been chosen and is preparing to deploy.

 Over the course of two weekends in February, Extreme Nazarene conducted CCO sessions and interviews in Chile for candidates interested in participating in the church plant team in Antofagasta. Five young people participated in the activities in Arica, Chile from February 6-9, and three participated in Santiago, Chile from February 13-16, for the Antofagasta team. Missionaries Isaac Oaks, Cailyn Wheatley, and Michael Wheatley were present to facilitate the interviews in Arica. The three were involved in Santiago, along with missionary Liliana Reza, SAM Region Mobilization Coordinator.

The five South American youth selected to participate as 40/40s on the team are the following: Karen Lagos and Camilo Fernández from Chillán (Chile), Felipe Cisternas from Arica (Chile), Bárbara Varas from Iquique (Chile), and Camila Lopes from Arcoverde, Pernambuco (Brasil). Due to the quantity and quality of the candidates, two alternates were selected; Marco Curilen from Iquique (Chile), and Diva Inquiltupa from Arica (Chile). The two alternates are available to join the team in case one of the selected 40/40s is unable to participate. The five 40/40s are now in the process of raising their funds.

 The South Americans join their North American 40/40 counterparts, who are the following: Leah Haugh from Galena, Ohio, Maia Reynolds from Juneau, Alaska, Shekinah Bergen from Visalia, California, Travis Jones from Greeley, Colorado, and Lane Freeman from McMinnville, Oregon. Eliel and Renee Morales (Temecula, California) are the cluster support for the team. Various pastoral couples have been interviewed and the results will be announced shortly.

 The missionary team will travel to Quito, Ecuador on June 25 to begin taking seminary courses, learn Spanish, and receive special missionary training, travel to Cali, Colombia on October 3 to receive Master’s Plan training, and arrive in Antofagasta on November 3. They have followed God’s calling in their lives to leave behind family, friends, careers and studies to help reach the lost for Christ. In total, they will spend 28 months in training and church planting, finishing in October 2017.

 Source: Michael Wheatley.

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