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(Argentina CNSAM). Extreme Nazarene Missions has approved 5 Argentine young people to serve as missionaries to plant a church in Córdoba, Argentina.

Between August 9-12, five Argentine young people from different parts of the country gathered in Pilar to participate in an extensive interview process. After two days of group activities, a formal interview, and an interview with a professional counselor, all five of the candidates were approved. They will travel to Quito, Ecuador on January 8, 2015 to begin seminary training, and to be united with their North American counterparts. They will then study for 4 months in Quito, then travel to Cali, Colombia for one month of Master’s Plan training. The team will begin the church planting work in the city of Córdoba, in June 2015.

The five Argentine approved missionaries are the following: Matias Quiroga from San Salvador de Jujuy; Romina Celeste Calderón and Juan Manuel Ricapito from Valle Hermoso, Córdoba; and Carolina and Silvana Galarza Caje from Formosa.

The young people are in the process of raising funds to participate in the program. Each is responsible to raise 2.500 Argentine pesos per month along with travel expenses for training.

Extreme Nazarene continues to look for one more Argentine female to join the team. If you are interested in donating to support the missionaries, or know of a female candidate interested in joining the team, please contact

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