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Argentinas Coast District Celebrates!

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Argentinas Coast District Celebrates!

(Argentina CNSAM). December 12, 2014, in the city of Villa Gesell, in southern Buenos Aires, the Argentina Coastal District celebrated three significant milestones.

General Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Porter; Regional Director, Dr. Christian Sarmiento; and the Southern Cone Field Strategy Coordinator, Rev. Juan José Zani were among those gathered when pastor Luis Calderón Méndez graduated with a Bachelor’s in Theology and was ordained.

For more than five years, Pastor Calderón has served with his wife Esther Nemec in the Second Church of the Nazarene of Mar del Plata. Although there are currently three ordained ministers on the district, they have all come from other districts. Pastor Calderón is the first minister to be ordained on Argentina’s Coastal District.

In this same ceremony, the church building where Pastor Alberto Costilla has served with his wife for more than 10 years was dedicated. They began with a church-type mission which years later became an organized church. Thanks to the help of Alabaster Offerings, they were able to purchase the land. Many situations have delayed the construction of the church building. It took more than five years to clear and level the ground, but thanks to the unanimous efforts of the church members, they gradually collected enough money for the walls and roof.

At this point, they are still missing doors, windows and several final details. Pastor Costilla commented that the passage in the Bible about the feeding of the 5,000 has strengthened their faith. With only five loaves of bread and two fish, God miraculously fed 5,000 men, not counting all of the women and children. God can similarly use the few resources of this congregation in order to build the church building where they can worship and serve the community of this area.

Meanwhile, they continue expanding into other cities such as Mercedes, where they began holding weekly meetings about a year ago in the home of a local family. Now there are 16 regular attenders.

More than 180 people were present to share this time of much joy and thanks to God for what He is doing in Argentina’s Costero District.

Source: Alberto Costilla.
Written by: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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