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Assembly in North Patagonia

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Assembly in North Patagonia

(Argentina CNSAM). On January 31st of 2015, in the city of Neuquén, Argentina, the 13th district assembly of North Patagonia was held. The ‘Jesus is my Refuge’ church was the host church, pastored by Rev Néstor Eduardo Martínez, whom also is the district superintendent.

The event brought 23 pastors from all over the district, whom started arriving Friday the 30th in the morning. During this time the licensed ministers had their renewal interviews to close out the church year. In the evening a celebration service was held with the local congregation and the sister churches.

The assembly began at 9:30 am and ran until 4 pm. The pastors reports were given as well as discussions about the days schedule. The assembly was presided by Area Strategy Coordinator Juan José Zani, superintendent Eduardo Martínez and district secretary Ismael Maese.

By unanimous vote Matilde Oliva was elected president for NMI (Nazarene Missions International), Andrea Malca for NYI (Nazarene Youth International) president and Daniel Basualdo SSDMI (Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International) president. The licensed ministers credentials were renewed as well.

Also the members of the Advisory Board were elected. Elders elected to the board were pastors Carlos Amaza, Miguel Armoa and Nilda Calvo. Laymen elected were Roberto Cariqueo, Sergio Arias and Rubén Méndez.

Source: Eduardo Martínez.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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