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Baptism is Contagious

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Baptism is Contagious

(CNSAM Argentina) The 10th of April of 2016 the Moreno Centro Church of the Nazarene in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 16 children were baptized. Through this they gave testimony that God was real in their lives as He sealed his love on their hearts.

These children first felt a desire to be baptized when on the 6th of December 2015, they watched as 24 adults and 2 children were baptized in the church. Immediately following that special service, many of these children asked their Sunday School teacher, Ana, if they could also be baptized. The excitement generated while watching the baptism had spread to these children as well.

Due to the request of these children, the church developed a program for Vacation Bible School called “Passing through the waters” in which for three days of the VBS, there was an focus in order to explain the sacrament of Christian Baptism. At the end of the VBS, 37 children out of the more than 100 in attendance signed up to be baptized.

After church leaders spoke to the parents of these children, many of which do not attend church; sixteen children we given permission to be baptized. They then received special lessons given by the pastor and the Sunday School teacher in order to give clear understanding about the significance of the decision they were about to make.

Despite that fact that we live in a world full of spiritual chaos, children understand the concept of salvation and have a deep desire to see the manifestation of God´s abundant love in their lives.

Source and Translation Rev. Robin Brunson Radi

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