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Baptisms in South Uruguay

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Baptisms in South Uruguay

(Uruguay CNSAM). A long-awaited baptismal service was held on April 21, 2013 in the Sauce Church of the Nazarene in Uruguay, province of Canelones.

This is a new day for the church. Two years ago the church reopened and now 10 people were being baptized; seven from the local church and three from the Piedras, Canelones Church which is also pastored by Adhemar and Ligdana Charlin.

This was not only a special event for the church but it was also a personal commitment for each person baptized and for those who witnessed the event. Tears and smiles crowned the event which ended with a celebration of fellowship, food, and soccer in the city park.

“We thank God for this glorious time in the Sauce Church of the Nazarene and in the Canelones zone in South Uruguay and believe that the ‘best is yet to come’”, said Pastor Adhemar Charlin.

Source: Adhemar Charlin, Uruguay National Communications Coordinator.
Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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