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Bible Quizzing in South America

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Bible Quizzing in South America

(Brazil CNSAM). Bible Quizzing is a tool that the Church of the Nazarene has used for more than 50 years as an incentive for youth and adolescents to study and learn more about the Word of God.

Edson Moura, South America Region Bible Quizzing Coordinator, with his team: Rafael Lion, Erica Gomes, Ricardo Peressinoti, Daiane Lion and Lucas Rodrigueiro, work hard in their native country, Brazil, using this tool which attracts, trains and impacts the lives of those who participate.

Their challenge is to take this program to all of the districts on the South American Region and train youth leaders working in the local churches and districts. Since they do not have financial resources at their disposal, Edson and his team are exploring strategies that would allow the project to be self-sustaining. They have completed two tutorial videos in Spanish ( and Portuguese ( for pastors and leaders of the South America Region and a Facebook page ( to communicate with anyone interested.

In January 2014 they visited four districts in Venezuela and are projected to continue with Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay.

Source: Edson Moura.
Written by: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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