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Bible Quizzing in Venezuela

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Bible Quizzing in Venezuela

(Venezuela CNSAM). Brazilian NYI leaders Edson and Rafael visited Venezuela January 18-25, 2014, and left an example of humility and love for Christ. These Brazilian Christian brothers invested their time, effort, and money on Venezuelan youth to leave a previously unknown tool exemplifying its true meaning: “To win and disciple.”

The tool is Bible Quizzing, and was presented as a resource that can be used to disciple youth and teach in-depth Bible truths that transform lives. This tool provides the resources (along with others that are already used) to form youth with constructive criticism and biblical foundations – promoting solid values – to defend their faith and spiritual maturity.

This time, they visited three of the five districts in the country: The Llanos (Plains) District, where a mini tournament among four local churches was held. The Lagos (Lakes) and Andean Districts, where there was both a training time and a Bible Quiz game.

Source : Josué Franco.
Written by: Germán Picavea.
Translation: Janet Reinhart.

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