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Living the Great Commission, a total lifestyle


Dwight Rich Coordinador de Estrategia de Área

Dwight Rich
Field Estrategy Coordinator

Since Jesus freed him from the chains of sin, alcohol, and drugs, Rodrigo Olmedo has found a way to share with others what Christ did for him.

As National Coordinator of the Jesus Film Ministry (MPJ) for Ecuador, he received that opportunity. God led him to pastor a new church of MPJ that he planted himself. He wanted to disciple the new believers directly.

The church has 10 church plants (daughters and granddaughters of the first church), of which three have already been organized. Any success is related to the identification and discipleship of leaders / pastors for these works. Nationally, Rodrigo has had a direct influence on the organization of 33 churches and the advising of their pastors. Rodrigo is always bringing along some disciple in training.

Besides coordinating the MPJ, Rodrigo is a personal evangelist. In its first year using the EvangeCube, he won 33 people. Pastor Rodrigo Olmedo is an example of living the Great Commission as a lifestyle.

The vision of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela

About eight years ago God gave us a vision, goals and strategies. We incorporated this into a logo for the North Andean Field.

The church in Ecuador has taken the five key words to focus on work.

HOLINESS: Emphasis is given to our doctrinal heritage. God is a holy God and hopes that His children will also be holy.

EVANGELISM: The Jesus Film Ministry has been effective in raising many contacts and organizing new churches.

DISCIPLESHIP: Gradually, the church is waking up to the reality that it is crucial to keep the results of evangelism through discipleship.

LEADERSHIP: We believe that leadership is the key to development and building the kingdom of God.

PRAYER: As a church of God, we are aware that nothing we do would be a blessing unless there is total dependence on God.

In Colombia, God is moving in a special way. Through the “Master Plan”, some churches are experiencing a nice growth. The House of Prayer Church in Cali is the one with more growth in the area, with more than 10,000 participants in Sunday services and being an example and encouragement to many others.

After 19 years without missionaries in residence in the country, God has allowed the Meza family to come to Colombia. We thank the Lord for this.

In Venezuela, the hope of the country is placed in young people, because there’s a niche of young population that is high and this is reflected in the churches. Camps are held each year, but there is one in particular, held each year at Camp Jiraquito, which attracts between 600 and 700 youth.

Theological Education Ministries is one of the strongest in the country. Currently has 43 centers and 590 students enrolled in ETED (Educación Teológica Descentralizada = Decentralized Theological Education). National leadership has been strengthened by the grace of God in recent years. We thank the missionaries who initiated and sustained the work in Venezuela. Today the country is in the hands of national leaders.

Estatistics North Andean Field *

Country  Districtss
 Organized Churchess
Full  Members Associate Members Total  Membership Students of ETED Centers of ETED
Ecuador 6 189 13,575 1,090 14,665 324 28
Colombia 6 79 18,363 575 18,938 364 22
5 80 6,956 393 7,349 590 43
17 348 38,894 2,058 40,952 1,278 93

                   * Estatistics are based on what was reported in the 2012 District Assembles.

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