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Brazil Sub region

We Number 120,000 Today!



Aguiar Valvassoura
Director Sub Región Brazil

In October, 1958, there were only a dozen of us! Chuck Gates used to say that the whole Church of the Nazarene in Brazil could fit into one bus! After 50 years, there are 120,000 of us! What has caused this miracle?

Dedication: The first missionaries were people dedicated to the cause and to sacrificial work. There were few churches with a great distance between them. There were few members, but for two decades, these fantastic pioneers cultivated the ground and planted the first churches in Brazil.

Vision: We had many dreams and visions. We talked of having 100 churches in a few years and even though that didn’t happen, we had the motivation to see the invisible, believe the impossible, and touch the intangible.

Motivation: I remember when I was a new young person in the Church of the Nazarene and heard the sermons of Dr. Mosteller motivating us to live totally committed, holy lives.

Sacrifice: Yes, that was the term used during that time. Sacrifice. We didn’t give what was left, we gave everything. We learned to give our all: give ourselves first, and then give what belonged to us. How I miss that today!

Obedience: God’s voice was heard. Yes, it was heard. We prayed and asked for God’s will in regard to our choices and decisions. The sovereignty of God took priority. We didn’t seek our own will, we sought God’s will.

Today we celebrate, not just a dozen Nazarenes; we are thousands. 120,000!

Statistics of the Brazil Sub Region

Estadísticas_Brasil_2011_Web_IN                            *Statistics relate to what was reported in the 2011 District Assembly.

Brazil Sub Region Leaders


Flavio Valvassoura, Strategic Coordinator of Brazil South

Manuel Lima, Strategic Coordinator of Brazil North

Rubens Rodrígues, Strategic Coordinator of Brazil Norte Northeast

Aguiar Valvassoura, Strategic Coordinator of Brazil Central

Alfredo Mullieri, Integral Ministry Coordinator of Brazil Sub Region

Marcos Vinicius Monteiro, NMI Coordinator of Brazil Sub Region

Alfredo Mullieri, Evangelism Coordinator of Brazil Sub Region

Andree Riveiro, Compassion Coordinator of Brazil Sub Region

Aleximar Fonseca, NYI Coordinator of Brazil Sub Region

Waner Nunes, Sunday School Ministry Coordinator of Brazil Sub Region

Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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