Make Christ like Disciples in the Nations

Central field

Living the Great Commission


Barry Carney
Field Estrategy Coordinator

It is exciting to see our present, in which we are now. But to imagine where we are going is more exciting. Those who went before us and planted the church in our countries hoisted the flag of Holiness. Today our challenge is to be a Christian Church, Holy and Missional for the next 100 years in such a way that we live the Great Commission.

The Central Field, recently created, has celebrated its first anniversary and we are part of the Great Commission of making disciples in the image of Christ in the nations. We have taken as our promise from the Word of God in Psalms 2:7 & 8… “I will proclaim the decree of the Lord: He said to me, “You are my Son; today I have become your Father.

Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Here we are told that “We are his sons”, and in Christ “we are part of HIS family”; he has brought us into existence, He knows us profoundly; and He invites us to “ask Him” for things. For what do we ask of Him? That he would give us the nations as our inheritance and that we would have the ends of the earth as our possession.

We go out in faith and action, to claim the promise of our Heavenly Father. To live the Great Commission implies the actions of daily living in Grace and submitting in obedience to HIS perfect will.

Let’s pray so that the next 100 years, “others” would be able to remember this time as a time of harvest, advance and growth.

From the “Heart of South America” we celebrate those 100 years and advance towards bigger challenges.

Central Field Statistics *


                                                             * Statistics relate to what was reported in the 2014 District Assembly.


Central Field Leaders

Germán Espinosa, Bolivia Alto Northwest District Superintendent

Efraín Flores, Bolivia West Central District Superintendent

Macedonio Daza, Bolivia La Paz West District Superintendent

Norberto Fernández, Bolivia Santa Cruz District Superintendent

Ismael Ramos, Bolivia South District Superintendent

Napoleón Guerrero, Bolivia Los Yungas District Superintendent

Barry Carney, Paraguay North and South District Superintendent

Ezequiel Ramírez, Paraguay Central District Superintendent

Isaí Murga, President of the Nazarene Theological Seminary for the Central Field

Translated: Cindy Downey.

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