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Conquering Peru for Christ


Segundo Rimarachín, Coordinador

The Church of the Nazarene in Peru had its beginnings in the northern border of Ecuador. For almost 100 years the work of evangelization and planting of churches was realized in the coast, the Andes and the Jungle in the North of Peru.

In 2007, a project began called “Conquering Peru for Christ”, whose purpose is to plant churches in the regions (departments before) in where there was no presence of the Church of the Nazarene.

In 2008 they sent the first three Peruvian Missionary families to plant churches in the regions of Madre de Dios (Puerto Maldonado), Cusco and Puno. As a result of these efforts and the support of Extreme Nazarene we have churches organized in the cities of Puerto Maldonado, Puno and Cusco with various annexes or new church plants.

In 2011 the Peru Pacific North District sent a missionary family to the city of Pisco. In 2012 the same district sent two missionary families to plant the Church of the Nazarene in the city of Ica.

All of the districts are sending missionaries to different places to plant the Church of the Nazarene. In previous years many churches were planted for the phenomenon of the migration of Nazarenes from one city to another, but now they are planting churches in a systematic way. A particular city is chosen and missionaries are sent with the firm purpose of planting a new Church of the Nazarene. God is opening doors for us!

Peru has taken the path of planting churches and this is affecting the kingdom of darkness. Without a doubt the enemy of the church is committed to separate us, so that we lose our vision and that our focus return to again be parochial; but this vision of this country, this missionary awakening in Superintendents and Pastors is not the initiative of any human being, is the initiative of the Holy Spirit.

Just as the apostles did in the church in the first century, prioritizing evangelization, discipleship, leadership training, and planting churches, we advance Conquering Peru for Christ!

The new cities chosen to plant churches in the next 5 years are: 1. Lima, Population: 8,219,116; 2. Ica, Population: 321,332: 3. Tacna, Population: 288,781; 4. Huamanga, Population: 221,390; 5. Moquegua, Population: 161,533; 6. Huancavelica, Population: 142,723; 7. Huancayo, Population: 116,000; 8. Abancay, Population: 96,064; 9. Huancabamba, Population: 30,116.

Peru Field Statistics *

Estadísticas_2011_Perú_Web                                          * Statistics are based on what was reported in the 2011 District Assemblies.


Leaders in the Peru Field


Teodora Mery Flores Ruiz, Peru Field MED Coordinator. E-mail:

Marleni Palma de Medina, Peru Field NMI Coordinator. E-mail:

Eduar Quispe, Peru Field World Mission Coordinator. E-mail:

Paul Siancas, Peru Field NYI Coordinator E-mail:

Juan Sosa Sernaqué, Peru Field Literature Coordinator E-mail:

Lourdes de Rimarachín, Peru Field Women’s Ministries Coordinator E-mail:

José David Acosta, Peru Field Compassionate Ministries Coordinator E-mail:

Oscar Suárez Becerra, Peru Field Communications Coordniator. E-mail:

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Translated: Cindy Downey

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