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Cafe Ministry in Colombia

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Cafe Ministry in Colombia

(CNSAM Colombia) The ministry for marriage “CAFÉ” (for Casados Felices, ‘Happy Married Couples’), led by Rev. Germán and Patricia Phicavea, held workshops in three of the six districts in Colombia.

On Saturday, June 11, in the city of Bucaramanga on the North Eastern District (Distrito Nor Oriental); Monday 13 on the Bogotá Central South District (Distrito Bogotá Central Sur) and the Tuesday 14 in the Bogotá North Central District (Distrito Bogotá Central Norte). It was a time of great blessing for all participants of those workshops and several of the pastors who attend expressed their desire of implement a Ministry for Marriage in their local churches and were very excited to organize a Retreat for married couples.

One attendee said: “the church urgently needs a ministry to marriage couples and thus to counterbalance the influence of modern society that is openly against marriage and family. In this way, we will do a preventative work and not only curative”.

Source: Rev. Juan Soto

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