Make Christ like Disciples in the Nations


A laborer of the Lord rests

(Argentina CNSAM).  On October 12, 2013 pastor Angel Amaya went to meet his Lord and Savior. Pastor Angel was the […]

He is a true legend!

(Venezuela CNSAM). On October 6, 2013, at 90 years of age, Pastor Saúl Mujica passed on to heaven. A native […]

Pastor Elsa: A Life Example

(Argentina CNSAM). On September 20, 2013, at 90 years of age pastor Elsa Pergrina Galli de Zani passed away. The […]

The Death of Pastor Castro in Ecuador

(Ecuador CNSAM). At 63 years of age and after a long battle with colon cancer, Wednesday September 5, 2012, pastor […]

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