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Children’s Camp in Uruguay South

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Children’s Camp in Uruguay South

(Uruguay CNSAM).  At camp “The Titans” in Canelones, from February 22-24, 2013, we held a district children’s camp with the participation of most of the churches of Canelones and Montevideo.

After a break of more than three years, the Uruguay South District, under the direction of the MIEDD National Coordinator, Carrero Ligdana Scull Charlin and a leadership team, the activity was resumed which was held in the Nazarene Camp of ”The Titans”, situated in the city of the same name as the County of Canelones.

Using the slogan “Explorers”, children between 6 and 12 years of age, enjoyed several activities, some of which were: games, excursions, devotionals, praise, sermons from the Word, a friendship supper, a treasure hunt, the selection of the best male and female Explorer and the delivery of New Testaments for children.

As part of the effective team, Pastor Beverly Armstrong was responsible for the evangelistic message, preceded by praise led by Pastor Lylian Luzardo in conjunction with a Clown Ministry, made up of Brother Julio Laserre and Pastors Estela and Ligdana Carrero. For their part, Pastors Raul Birtos, Mariela Dellepere and Manuel Churi served as counselors with the support of brothers from different churches who also helped Hugo Martinez in the recreational activities. The important work in the kitchen was led by Sister Elma (Chiquita) and Fernanda who also meticulously managed the funds and needed supplies, while Pastor Adhemar Charlin handled the logistics. Not to mention all the pastors, leaders, siblings, parents and family members who were essential to the support for the success of this camp.

But the truth is that those days in “The Titans”, sharing a beautiful unity of spirit and mind, everyone working all the areas together with the children, with the children and by the children; and each one of the 54 participants, returned blessed by God and full of joy to have experienced a special camp.

Those who were responsible for organizing this activity, now work with the desire and purpose that more people be involved in each of the future camps.

Source: Adhemar Charlin, Uruguay National Communications Coordinator.

Translated by: Cindy Downey.


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