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Heavens Open Radio Station

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Heavens Open Radio Station

(Argentina CNSAM). “Something glorious is happening in the El Calafate Church of the Nazarene,” Pastor Liliana Funes exclaimed. El Calafate is located in the province of Santa Cruz in Argentina at 50º latitude south, the equivalent of the city of London in the north. The Church of the Nazarene arrived in this area 13 years ago.

The Funes, who began pastoral ministry there barely a year ago, are continually surprised by the supernatural way in which God is manifesting himself. Both of them have experience in radio ministry and arrived in the city with the idea of establishing an FM radio station. This city does not have space for Christian programming on secular stations, and the two denominations with their own station do not allow airtime for programs or pastors from other churches.

Pastor Liliana Funes directed radio station FM of Heaven in Bolsón and produced a daily program from 8AM to 2PM. She says, “I understand radio ministry and the reach that it has. It is a powerful tool in God’s hands!” After praying for seven months the Lord permitted the Church of the Nazarene to buy the necessary equipment to begin transmitting. Maty Portillo said, “His word is true. God is not a debtor to anyone. If two or three agree in asking my father in my name, Jesus said, he would give it to them. Glory to God. He is faithful!” The radio station Cielos Abiertos will transmit from the southernmost Church of the Nazarene in South America.

Source: Pastor Liliana Funes; El Calafate, Argentina.

Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.


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