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Coastal District: DTS Meetings

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Coastal District: DTS Meetings

(Argentina CNSAM). The Argentina Coastal District held orientation and planning meetings with the Decentralized Theological Studies (DTS) coordinators and motivational meetings with the present and incoming students of the Bachelor in Theology program.

The three meetings of the DTS coordinators and students in the Bachelor in Theology program were held with much expectation and fellowship. These meetings were to equip the coordinators of the centers of Decentralized Theological Studies and to motivate the incoming students..

The meetings were held in the new center of the Buenos Aires District with the following schedule: Tuesday, October 1st in Bahía Blanca with coordinator Pastor Raquel Bertañan; Wednesday, October 2nd in the city of Mar del Plate, with the local and district coordinator, Rev. Ester Nemec; and Thursday, October 3rd, Nancy Gatica led her group in Villa Gesell.

The meetings included training in administrative aspects of the DTS centers led by Rev. Pablo Tello, coordinator of DTS for the Southern Field; Rev. Eduardo Velázquez, academic Vice Rector of CSNTS, teaching Philosophy of Ministerial Formation; Lic. Marco Rocha, coordinator of the virtual model for the Virtual Nazarene Seminary teaching Virtual Means of Learning; and Education and Identity taught by Rev. Jorge Julca, Rector of CSNTS.

Rev. Juan José Zani, Superintendent of the Coastal District and Field Strategy Coordinator for the Southern Argentine Field, who made these events possible, opened each meeting and accompanied the Seminary team in all their travels.

Fuente: Eduardo Velázquez, Vicerrector Académico STNCS.

Translation: Cheryl Cox.

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