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Coastline District Ministries Conference

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Coastline District Ministries Conference

(CNSAM Argentina) On March 11th and 12th the Coastline District of Argentina held their Ministries Conference called “Impact 2016.”

On the first day of the conference Pastor Marcelo Fretes gave a lecture on “Youth Pastors.” On the second day there were lectures on Evangelism, Leadership, Communications, Men’s and Women’s Ministries, NMI, NYI, SDMI, Theological Education and Ministerial Practice, and finished with a district service where, once again, Pastor Marcelo Fretes preached and called upon many brothers in Christ, especially young people.

There were more than 80 people who signed up for the conference, 100 in attendance, 14 preachers and lectures, and 12 churches present, giving evidence of the success and impact this conference had on the district. At the final night service more than 200 people were present. The communication and fellowship among the churches were strengthened through lunchtime and scheduled intervals.

We thank God for allowing the district leaders to live this beautiful experience and for each of the leaders who contributed in various ways so that the conference could become a reality.

Source: Rev. Enrique Sardiello
Translation: Scott Brubaker

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