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Cobija: Beginning the Sowing Season…

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Cobija: Beginning the Sowing Season…

(Bolivia CNSAM). From June 15-19, 2014, a Work and Witness team of 15 persons from the Texas South District of the United States came to Cobija, Bolivia to help plant a Church of the Nazarene. The group was headed by Edwin Wittun and was joined by five volunteers from La Paz.

Cobija is a warm city in the State of Pando, located in the northeast of Bolivia along the Brazilian border. The initiative to open a work in Cobija, is a national effort that began with visits to the city at the beginning of 2012. On February 19, 2014, Pastor Freddy Laime and his family arrived in the city to begin the church. Two months later, in an act of faith and with a 3 year commitment, they acquired a 9,683 square feet piece of land on which to build the first Nazarene church in the city.

Each district of the Bolivian Church of the Nazarene, has promised to support the national church. They can collaborate by means of the Central Area.

Sunday morning, June 15th, groups were formed to visit some Nazarene families that had migrated from various Bolivian localities. Everyone that was contacted was motivated along with the pastor, Freddy Laime, to become founding members of the first Church of the Nazarene in this city.

On Monday a mobile medical clinic was held which was a great help for the people of the neighborhood. Sixty children and 50 adults received free treatment and were given free medicine according to their need. The entire workday was sponsored by the group led by Brother Edwin.

In the afternoons they held Bible School with a daily attendance of approximately 50 children. In the evenings, the JESUS film was shown in different parts of the area. Sixty persons, children and adults, made a decision to accept Jesus as their Savior. This was the beginning of a time of sowing in that place, something the Bolivian leadership had dreamed about doing for a long time.

The Bolivian leaders are grateful to the Lord for being a part of this beautiful seedtime, and they are confident that they will see an abundant harvest and many churches of the Nazarene in the city of Cobija.

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Source: Napoleón Guerrero.
Written by: Napoleón Guerrero and Germán Picavea.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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