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Collective Mobilization of Hope

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Collective Mobilization of Hope

(CNSAM Brazil) A collective mobilization of hope, love, salvation in Jesus Christ that reached more than 700 families, took place during the first week of July at ANA (Nazarene Beneficent Assistance Association) Brazil.

Through a team of young volunteers from the Community of Hope in Campinas, the Church of the Nazarene visited Quilombo (maroon) people and other regions, giving gifts to children, pieces of clothing, a van and joyfully announcing all the time the message of the cross.

Follow fully what God has done in these days that had a mark on the ANA Piauí campus and the sertão (hinterland) region:

July 1st Friday
It was exactly at the end of the first semester of classes at ANA Piaui when volunteers reached the city. The facilities, which previously existed only in the heart of beloved Pastor Aguiar, today exists and bears fruit through a great structure able to provide five meals a day, a preschool, English classes, tutoring and sports for children.

On the first day, the Church of the Nazarene fulfilled its mission to spread the true hope for all children and their families through an intense period of games, dance, children’s theater, praises and, of course, the transforming word of God. As important as feeding and educating children, Piaui ANA also provides a moment of personal hygiene, where some children – like a boy who is just four years old – can take his/her bath for the first time, keeping in mind the shortage of water in their village.

July 2 Saturday
In the City of Vazes Branca, the Second Community of Hope Church of the Nazarene was about to be inaugurated in the village of Lagoa da Onça. In a very poor place, the second largest quilombo (maroon) town of Brazil, there was a time of personal evangelism, where volunteers went door to door preaching the love of God and inviting all for a children’s program that happened at 5 o’clock.
More than 100 families were reached through this outreach and the event was attended by over 100 children. At night, beginning at 7 o’clock, a Church of the Nazarene was inaugurated in the town of Lagoa da Onça where over 200 people were present.

July 3rd Sunday
On Sunday, it was the turn of São Raimundo Nonato city to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ through the Church of the Nazarene. In the morning, social actions took place in the Alto do Cruzeiro neighborhood. In the afternoon, evangelism occurred in the Cipo and Portelinha neighborhoods.
Amid the families evangelized, a woman who had not walked for a few days, received prayer requested by her son and in the name of Jesus, so that the name of the Lord may be glorified, walked again. Shortly after, night fell and the São Raimundo Nonato Church of the Nazarene celebrated communion in a meeting with more than 40 visitors.

After the Word was ministered, ten people received Jesus Christ as their one and only Savior. Among the new converts was the son of the woman who had been healed to walk again along with his entire family.

July 4 Monday
Through the 11 young volunteers, the Church of the Nazarene was also in Anísio de Abreu, a town with nearly 10 thousand inhabitants. In this city only 8% of the population belongs to a church and knows Jesus Christ. This day was marked by fatigue, complex and challenging goals.

With the difficulty of renting a sound car with speakers on the roof, evangelism was again conducted door to door and, once more, the Church of the Nazarene resisted, persisted, and won. In the service that took place at night, more than 80 adults and 50 children attended the meeting for the glory of God.

July 5th Tuesday
In another beautiful morning the Church of the Nazarene spread hope in the neighborhood of Portelinha where poor families were assisted with basic food items and in a very special way, also received much love from God. During the afternoon, a great evangelism took place in the town of Lagoa dos Prazeres, the same place where the first Community of Hope in the sertão (hitherland) was constructed.

Through its volunteers, the Church of the Nazarene was extremely happy to reunite with Dona Maria, a lady who had shared a few days ago, a simple and passionate dream: She and her husband would love to have a church near their home. After the reunion with her, Dona Maria announced that she had just been baptized, precisely in the newly built Church of the Nazarene. That is, our dear sister decided to dream for something seemingly so distant, so that the name of the Lord would be glorified, and her requests were met. God does so.

A century-old church, preaching holiness and living the love of God – this is the Church of the Nazarene, reaching distant peoples through the message of the cross. May God bless us and use us.

Source: Pr. Paulo Trois
Redactor: Fabio Justino
Translation: Scott Brubaker

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