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Conference: Basic Nazarene Doctrine

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Conference: Basic Nazarene Doctrine

(Peru CNSAM). The Nazarene Theological Seminary of Peru (STNP) held a conference from August 17 to 29, 2015. It was an impressive gathering of 74 faculty teachers of ETED and the STNP faculty and staff. The purpose was to reflect on and dialogue regarding two important and relevant topics facing the task of the church: 1. Review the seven identifying characteristics of the Church of the Nazarene and 2. Identify the significant contributions made and presence exerted on the national life and culture by the Evangelical Church during the last 100 years.

The distinctive qualities of our denomination worldwide are: significant worship; theological coherence; impassioned evangelism; intentional discipleship; church development; transformational leadership and purposeful compassion. Parting from the document circulated by the Board of General Superintendents, the expositors presented various ideas on how to renew, bring enthusiasm, and challenge the Church of the Nazarene in promoting the essentials of our identity.

We are extremely grateful to the conference speakers for their enthusiastic participation; Dr. Francisco Cabanillas, Rev. Oscar Medina, Rev. Segundo Rimarachin, Dr. Jorge Julca and Dr. Evelio Vazquez .

There were additionally two dissertations presented by sociologist and historian, Thomas Gutierrez, entitled, “The Contributions of the Evangelical Church to the development of Peru in its 100-year History”, and “Present-day Challenges for Pastors”. Mr. Gutierrez is knowledgeable and well informed as to the national reality.

The Seminary [STNP] leadership expresses gratitude to God and all who made this meeting one of brotherly reflection which subsequently contributes significantly to the formation and actualization of the evangelical ministries in Peru.

Fuente: Evelio Vásquez / Jorge Julca
Translation: Norma L. Brunson.

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