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Cooperation between STNS and the SCD

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Cooperation between STNS and the SCD

(Ecuador CNSAM). On September 1, 2012 an agreement of cooperation between the Seminario Teologico Nazareno Sudamericano (South American Nazarene Theological Seminary) and the South Carolina District was signed for a ministerial formation of Hispanic Nazarene pastors and leaders, associated with a church planting project.

The United States Hispanic world is a subject of concern for the Seminario Teologico Nazareno Sudamericano (STNS). Hence, this agreement of formative cooperation between the South Carolina District, represented by District Superintendent, Dr. Edward L. Estep, and the Hispanic Ministry Coordinator, Rev. Javes Muñoz from Columbia and the STNS, located in the city of Quito, Ecuador, represented by Dr. Freddy Guerrero. The purpose has been and is to accompany the process of ministerial formation of this thriving ministry and district in the United States. Its interest is to form pastors and leaders to continue with the planting of Hispanic churches in the State of South Carolina.

This signing was preceded by a series of dialogues with World Mission authorities and educational authorities of the Church of the Nazarene on global, regional and field levels that have always viewed with “good eyes” this strategic alliance. The STNS was already serving students of diverse North American Universities in teaching Spanish and facilitating the experience of intercultural experiences with its residential students in Ecuador through the program called NILI (Nazarene International Language Institute).

“We call the Nazarene institutions to find creative ways to exercise their missional vocation. Being ‘missional’ is in our DNA. Therefore, inspired by this value, STNS has extended is frontiers of service to support a group of Hispanics in the diaspora in the United States.” said the Rector. Currently there are 42 leaders and pastors that are being formed through this cooperation. To this effect, the STNS is developing partial on-campus and partial on-line courses in Spanish with its Campus and Adjunct professors.

We pray for the creative development of this pilot project. As Dr. Paul G. Cunningham affirmed well, near the Centennial Celebration of the Church of the Nazarene, “we must be responsible for the results”. Therefore, STNS desires to support the formation of a new generation of Hispanic pastors and leaders that contribute to the strengthening of the movement of planting churches.

Source: Rev. Freddy Guerrero, Rector del STNS, Quito, Ecuador.

Translated: Rev. Cindy Downey.

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