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DCPI in Paraguay

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DCPI in Paraguay

 (Paraguay CNSAM). April 17-19, 2015 the Church of the Nazarene Evangelism Ministries of South America Region held a course on Essentials Training for pastors and laity in Paraguay.

The event was held at the Fernando de La Mora Church of the Nazarene, Asunción. 17 people (14 pastors, 3 laity) attended from different places from around the country. The attendees were trained and encouraged to be part of the vision to grow the kingdom by planting daughter churches. The purpose of the course was that each one leave with a God-given vison, a plan and a timeline to develop a new church.

Those leading this time were: Rev. Barry Carney, Central Area Strategy Coordinator; Rev. Roberto Quinatoa, Director of ETED (Decentralized Theological Studies) of Ecuador; Rev. Mario Paredes, District Superintendent, Riobamba, Ecuador; Rev. Fredy Zapata, missionary to Peru and Rev. Napoleón Guerrero Evangelism and DCPI Coordinator of the SAM Region.

During the activity and the presentation of projects the participants showed enthusiasm to reach Paraguay for Christ.

Source: Napoleón Guerrero.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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