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DCPI is one year old

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DCPI is one year old

(Argentina CNSAM). In November 2014 the DCPI Project (Dynamic Church Planting International) has completed one year of massive training in church planting. The purpose of DCPI is to train pastors and leaders on three levels:

“Essentials of Church Planting” is for those who want to plant new churches.

“Certified Trainer” level is for those who, after this training about planting churches, are ready and able to train others to do so by teaching the concept of multiplication of churches.

Finally, the “Masters in Planting” course is for those who have planted, taught others, and organized events for others to be trained in church planting.

In this first year, there have been 11 DCPI events in the following countries: Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Over 500 leaders have completed the level of “Essentials of Church Planting”. More than 200 have completed the level of “Certified Trainers” and 10 have reached the level “Masters in Planting.” Many of these graduates have planted new churches with a projection of 1,500 new churches.

In 2015, we plan to continue training the leaders of the other countries in the South America Region, starting with Bolivia, Venezuela and Brazil.

If a district is interested in having this training, please contact the Field Strategy Coordinator or contact the Regional Coordinator of Evangelism, Napoleon Guerrero, email:

Source: Carlos Fernández.
Editor: Susan Cabral.
Translation: Janet Reinhart.

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