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Earthquake in Chile

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Earthquake in Chile

(Chile CNSAM). On Tuesday, March 31, 2014, northern Chile suffered an earthquake of 8.2 magnitude on the Richter scale, resulting in six deaths, destruction of buildings, roads, and boats.

Chile is considered one of the most seismic countries in the world, being on a stretch known as the “Ring of Fire”, where the Nazca plate and the South American plate converge. Chileans are regularly trained to know how to deal with earthquakes and tsunamis, and the country has strict earthquake standards to strengthen the construction of buildings. However, it is impossible to avoid the collective fear of the uncertainty of new events.

President Michel Bachelet declared the north of the country to be a disaster area and sent police and military contingent of Santiago to reinforce security. Planes and helicopters flew overhead constantly and experts quickly evacuated, in an orderly fashion, thousands of citizens for a tsunami alert, which was canceled the next day.

There was no loss of human life among the Nazarene people in that area, nor buildings, so Nazarenes joined to give attention to the survivors. They ask for prayer that God would protect them and that a second earthquake will not occur. Also, please pray for God to give them peace and renew their strength to keep going. For more information, contact José David Acosta, Regional Coordinator of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries:

Source: Rev. Oscar Varas.
Editor: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Janet Reinhart.
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