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(Uruguay CNSAM). The 11th ENCALP (National Encounter for Training Leaders with Purpose) was held October 10 & 11, 2014, in the Assemblies of God’s Bible Institute located in the Department of Canelones, Uruguay.

In this opportunity, before beginning the encounter, the Annual Assembly of the Executive Committee for the Church of the Nazarene met to elect its new members. After about two hours of assembly and with 37 voting members in attendance, the new Executive Committee was chosen as follows:

  • President: Rev. Walter Rodriguez
  • Vice president: Rev. Luis Rebagliatte
  • Secretary: Lylian Luzardo
  • Treasurer: Rev. Adhemar Charlin
  • Members: Carlos Méndez, Aron Pérez and Mariana Vernat

The ENCALP schedule began in the afternoon sessions while the national leaders were already assembled. They shared a time of fellowship and renewal of vision for the Church of the Nazarene in this time, remembering and recognizing that the Church of the Nazarene in Uruguay has proposed a specific goal with one single purpose: the multiplication of healthy churches.

Pastor Robert Sosa and his wife Verónica Marenco visited from Buenos Aires and preached for this retreat. Through Rev. Robert, God brought His Word with a clear, motivating and restorative message.

In the final hours of the last day of the event, participants attended various workshops presented by district and national leaders as well as plenary sessions by various speakers including Rev. Jorge Fagúndez, over Church Planting and Mentoring; Rev. Jesús Bernat, over the use of finances in the local church; and Rev. Roberto Sosa, who spoke about the Dangers of Power.

As the event concluded on the 12th, the desire and encouragement was expressed to continue with these meetings of training and reflection, where the Lord Jesus showed his love for those involved in his work and his will that they should continue in this beautiful purpose.

Source: Adhemar Charlin.
Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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