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Encounter EMA

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Encounter EMA

(Brazil CNSAM). In Sao Paulo, Brazil, June 2014 the annual encounter for adolescents EMA, (Missions School for Adolescents) was held.

EMA is a project directed by the NYI and NMI of the Paulista district. Once a year the adolescents come together (during 15 days) for creative classes on evangelism strategies and workshops on local, district, national, regional and international missions. There they learn about service to the church, how they can be part of the Church of the Nazarene and are challenged to get involved in missions now, even at their young age.

This school is divided in three classes or levels: Basic, Advanced and Ultra. After they reach the last level they plan a mission trip to apply what has been learned. For example, the ones who passed the last level will next year go on a mission trip to the Amazon.

This encounter was held from June 17-30. 80 adolescents with ages ranging from 12-17 came together for a spiritual retreat in which they were challenged to consecrate their lives to God. The topics were on spiritual life, evangelism, discipleship and missions. On the weekends each participant visited various churches of the Nazarene in Sao Paulo to put into practice what they learned by serving the communities using choreographed art, evangelistic dramas, games with the kids and various other ways to show Jesus’ love.

Coordinator Maely Iona, NMI president, tells us that they have received many donations for this project which helps each member’s cost. Mentors, teachers, pastors and leaders that have helped support this encounter with their direct participation or by sending their adolescents, have made it possible for them to have a deeper encounter with God which helped them make decisive life commitments. Maely says, “we don’t have to entertain this generation. We need to teach them to love Jesus and without a doubt, they will.

Source: Maely Iona.
Editing: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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