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Evangelism and Jesus Film Meeting in Venezuela

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Evangelism and Jesus Film Meeting in Venezuela

(CNSAM Venezuela) On the first, second and third days of August 2016, we held the first Evangelism and Jesus Film meeting in San Diego de Los Altos, Edo. Miranda. Allan Díaz, Jesus Film coordinator for Venezuela, said to those present that these meetings were born from the heart of God and gave thanks to Him who made it all possible.

Jesus Film coordinators and assistants, as well as the superintendents from the 5 districts, came from all parts of the country. The Coordinator of Evangelism and Jesus Film from South America, Napoleón Guerrero, and also the leader of the Church of the Nazarene in Brazil, Manuel Lima were present with love, passion and testimonies about their ministerial work, challenging each person who participated in the event to leave the comfort of the churches and impact Venezuela with the good news of the Gospel, always trusting and believing in the Lord.

There was also a report about the work of evangelism and with the Jesus Film nationally and in each of the districts. With this opportunity were shared the places reached, strategies, results and methods.

After these moments, there was house to house evangelism around the building where the meetings were held. The objective was to put into practice what was learned, not only spiritually, but also materially, using the tools provided through Jesus Film such as: the Evangelism Cube, wristbands, hats, balloons and more.

During this meeting, a lot of good news was shared about what God has done in this country, and in each heart was planted the desire and passion to continue impacting other places and people, aiming to establish new points of preaching and church-planting.

Source: Leidy C. Cordero Tapia
Translation: Amber Drake de Sousa

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