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Evangelistic Campaign

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Evangelistic Campaign

(Argentina CNSAM). The Larrea, Fisherton, Empalme, QUM, Las Malvinas, Ludueña and La Nueva Churches of the Nazarene organized the first evangelistic campaign for the West Central Zone of the Litoral District. Rev. Daniel Barreto shared the Word of God with approximately 80-100 people attending each night.

The activity was held October 3rd-5th, 2013, in the Club Defensores de Empalme, about half a block from the Empalme Church of the Nazarene. The group Heavenly Harmony brought the special music.

Each night there was a time of special prayer for the sick and God worked miracles of healing. Around 20 people made a decision for Christ, and the Empalme Church of the Nazarene visited them right away. The majority of the new people attended the regular services of the Empalme and Malvinas churches on Sunday. One significant fact is that many people were reconciled to the Lord and returned to their respective congregations.

On Thursday night, Oscar arrived at the service completely intoxicated. He looked disheveled and had evidently been in that condition for several days. In spite of his state, he came looking for the Lord. The church people met him, showed concern for his well-being and guided him to Christ. Oscar accepted Christ as his savior and was reconciled with his daughter. He came to the last service as a completely changed man and brought his daughter and grandchildren.

Raúl Ortíz had a problem with his bone marrow. He was brought to the service on Friday in a wheelchair, lying down and completely immobile. He was a picture of neglect and discouragement. They prayed for him and guided him to Christ. Saturday they brought him to the service again, but this time he was sitting up in his wheelchair with renewed excitement. Pastor Rosa de Sosa of the Empalme Church of the Nazarene said that he continues to faithfully attend church.

Besides the people who accepted Christ, the evangelistic campaign brought a renewal in the churches that participated. They are already asking that another campaign be organized in the city’s other zone.

Source: Rubén Concia, District Superintendent.

Translation: Jennifer Edgerton.

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