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Everything has a purpose

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Everything has a purpose

(Brazil CNSAM). Rev. José David Acosta, Nazarene Compassion Ministries coordinator of the South America Church of the Nazarene Region, visited Brazil to see firsthand the needs of the Indian river communities and find resources to help them.

Tuesday November19, 2013 pastor Manuel Lima, Amazon area missionary, and José David Acosta, did a scouting tour of Río Negro, Piedra Tatú, Brazil aboard a speedboat.

After two and a half hours and a third of the way through the tour, a storm came upon them with 5-6 foot waves, so they could not continue. After they made it to the side of the river they came upon a man and his son from the area trying to tie up their canoes. The man offered them shelter in his home in which Joao Batista, his wife Ana Ruth and their 11 years old son Joao Victor lived. These people were hospitable and offered them something warm to drink to shake off the cold. He said that even though the night was long, they took advantage to share the love of God to the family.

At dawn the storm had stopped and so they continued the journey to Manaos thanking God for his goodness. The next day they called Joao to thank him and he said that was the first time in 40 years that someone had come to his house to pray and bless them. Because of this pastor Lima has the intention to go back and show them the Jesus film. He said: “maybe God wanted us to be in that storm so we could stay in that home and share His love with the family…man makes plans but God gives the answer.

Source: Manuel Lima.
Editing: Susana Cabral.
Translation: Steve Brown.

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