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Extreme Nazarene Ministries Grows

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Extreme Nazarene Ministries Grows

(Peru CNSAM). Extreme Nazarene Ministries in South America ( is a ministry whose vision is to recruit young people, with a call to serve in cross-cultural missionary work for two weeks, 40 days or two years.

It involves mobilizing 80 partners, 40 American and 40 non-American who will serve in the 40/40 program. The objectives are to plant sixteen self-supporting churches in various metropolitan cities of South America, and to develop missionaries at the same time.

The proposed strategy upon arriving in the designated city is to divide the 40/40 group into teams of two (a South American and a non-South American of the same gender). With the help of hundreds of local workers they will work to win and to serve the community. The objective will be accomplished by opening 80 cells in homes throughout the city and meeting with 5-15 attendees per home during the week. Those attending each of the cells gather in the central church on the weekend.

Brian Tibbs, the Extreme Nazarene Ministries coordinator for South America says, “Four months ago the 40/40 system started in Arequipa, Peru. We currently have a regular attendance of 50 people and the growth continues. As an example he points out that on Sunday, October 8, 2012, after a message from God’s Word, 11 people confessed their sins and received the Lord in their lives. “

We pray for this new church in Arequipa, that as God did in the early church, he would keep adding daily to the number of those who are being saved. We also ask that South America Extreme Nazarene Ministries would continue to meet its goal of “mobilizing people to build God’s kingdom.”

Source: Brian Tibbs, Extreme Nazarene Ministries Coordinator.
Tranlation: Todd Edgerton.

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