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FADES 2015 in the Southern Cone

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FADES 2015 in the Southern Cone

(Argentina CNSAM). As every year, and for the purpose of training teachers in their efforts to teach Baccalaureate program courses from different districts of the Southern Cone, the 12th Annual Days of Decentralized Teacher Training College (Facultad Descentralizada, FADES) were held on March 26-28 2015 at Nazarene Theological Seminary Southern Cone in Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.It was attended by over 50 teachers from different districts of Argentina and Uruguay, including superintendents from these districts.

The guests for the occasion were: Dr. Woodie Stevens, Global Director of SDMI for the Church of the Nazarene; the Rev. Ray Neu, global missionary for the Church of the Nazarene, who developed a series of workshops on Narrative Preaching (Tell the Story); Dr. Hilario Winarczyk, a sociologist who spoke on “The advocacy of the evangelical church in Argentina”; Lic. Mary E. Mamarian, who spoke about “Family Realities”; and Lic. Gustavo Valiño who shared about “Relationship of Pastoral Marriage”.

Conferences and workshops contributed to the enrichment of teachers for their task; their development demonstrated an atmosphere of reflection and debate on the issues.

The organizers thank God for the time of fellowship and communion they shared together, and the teachers of the Southern Cone who joined with their own reflection and study of the day.

Source: Eduardo Velazquez.
Translation: Janet Reinhart


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