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FADES in Cuyo

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FADES in Cuyo

(CNSAM Argentina) From June 24th to 25th, the 1st Decentralized College Teacher Improvement Day (FADES) in the Cuyo Argentine District was held and organized by Nazarene Theological Seminary of the Southern Cone.

Teachers, pastors and lay people who were invited from different provinces of San Juan, San Luis and Mendoza participated in the event. District superintendent, Rev. Mariano Garay, attended and fully supported this activity. We took the opportunity to highlight the work of the District Coordinator of DTS (Decentralized Theological Studies) for this district, Sister Maria Cristina Pujado de Tello, who has led this role over the past four years.

The goal of this event was to provide tools for the District Theological Ministry and update the pastor-teachers in key subjects in order to fulfill their ministries. The Reverend Pablo Tello and Pastor José Núñez were responsible for giving the lectures, providing resources and valuable tools enabling the teachers of the DTS classes to perform their task well.
There was an audience of about 50 people including teachers, pastors and leaders who were trained through the following lectures: “Forming Effective Leaders,” “Pastoral Family Challenges in the 21st Century,” “Relationships in the Pastoral Family,” “Administrative Affairs of DTS and in the Virtual mode” as well as messages of inspiration and preaching of the Word of God.

We thank the management of the Nazarene Theological Seminary of the Southern Cone, the participation of the exhibitors and hospitality of the Cuyo District. It was a blessed time in which we received motivation for work, education, inspiration, challenges and a time of fellowship among those present.

The interaction, interest and support of all teachers and pastors of Cuyo District, allowed for an enriching time which contributed to the task of continuing to train people who the Lord has called to the ministry.

Source: Reverend Pablo Tello/DTS South Cone
Translation: Scott Brubaker

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