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FADES in Gualeguaychú

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FADES in Gualeguaychú

(Argentina CNSAM) On October 3-4 of 2014 the first conference on teaching refinement was held on the Mesopotámico Argentino district.

Professors, as well as pastors and lay people invited from neighboring areas attended the District event.

District Superintendent Rev. Susana García de Irigoitía, attended and gave her complete support for the activity. It is also worthy of mention the work of ETED (Decentralized Theological Education) coordinator Rev Marcelo Sosa who has taken the coordination job of ETED since last year.

This activity was held with the purpose to give tools to the professors giving the bachelor in theology courses.

The workshops were given by Mr. Pablo Tello, ETED coordinator for South Cone area; Rev. Marcelo Correa, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in Merlo Centro and Rev. Susana García de Irigoitía, District Superintendent.

The subjects given were: Forming Effective Leaders, Classes Designed Didactically and Administrative Matter and Pastoral Family Challenges in the 21st Century.

The participation, interest and support of all the professors and pastors of the Mesopotámico District, permitted them to have an enriching time that contributes to the work of continuing to form those that the Lord has called to the ministry in North Argentina.

Fonte: Pablo Tello.
Tradução: Lucas Nunes.

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