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FADES in Tucumán, Argentina

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FADES in Tucumán, Argentina

(Argentina CNSAM). On September 13, 2014, a blessed conference of continuing education classes was held on the Northwest Argentine District.

With the fervent desire to continue growing in theological teaching, the 1st training conference for professors of ETED (Theological Education by Extension program) was held. Its purpose was to provide tools for teacher training of the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology program on that district.

There were 10 professors from the district at the event. Also attending the activity were pastors and laymen who were invited from the provinces of Santiago del Estero and Jujuy. The District Superintendent, Rev. Albert Croce, gave his wholehearted support with his presence.

The workshops were given by Lic. Pablo Tello, coordinator of ETED (Theological Education by Extension program) for the South Cone and the Lic. Eduardo Velázquez, academic vice rector, both from the South Cone Nazarene Theological Seminary. The event was well coordinated by Mariela Gómez de Balarezo, coordinator of ETED (Theological Education by Extension program) of the Northwest Argentine District.

The subjects presented were: Forming Effective Ministers in the XXI Century, Class Teaching Methods and Administrative Matters in the Teaching Assignment.

The participation, interest and support of all the professors and pastors of the Northwest Argentine District, were responsible for an enriching time that contributes to the work of continuing the formation of those who have been called to the ministry by the Lord in northern Argentina.

Source: Eduardo Velázquez.
Translation: Evelyn Ovando.

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