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Feeding Hope

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Feeding Hope

(CNSAM Venezuela) Due to the situation that Venezuela currently lives where there are food shortages, the fact that the purchasing power of the Venezuelan is low and since the available food are with very high prices, the Church of the Nazarene is responding to the crisis in different ways across the country.

One of these is by preparing “Bags of Love” (with food staples) to distribute to the neediest families of the congregations and also their neighbors. In addition, at the national level they are helping the neediest pastoral families with Bags of Love and / or offerings to help them purchase food.

Another example is what the San Diego Church of the Nazarene has done with the program where each week they provide a bowl of soup to people in the community where they are, and also feed the church members. “There are people who do not have food during the week and the church is providing a bowl of soup so they can be feed- “said Jimmy De Gouveia, Pastor of the church.

The San Diego church has missions in Carrizales, Santa Teresa and Caracas, and it is in these four places where they are weekly providing about 600 soup dishes for people who do not have access to food. On May 21st, the program “Feeding Hope” began upon the initiative of the San Diego Church and a recently received offering from Nazarene Compassionate Ministries enabling them to fund the project for the next three months. The purpose of this program is to share the hope we have in God and the message of God’s word.

Reverend Carlos Cordero, Holistic Ministries Coordinator to Venezuela, said “Our church responds, locally, in the district, and globally.”

Source: Rev. Jimmy de Gouveia / Rev. Carlos Cordero
Translation: Scott Brubaker

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